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Coming Soon: KitchenAid® 6.9 L Heavy Duty Stand Mixer

This Stand Mixer is the ideal one for a heavy loads and use. Indeed, thanks to its highly efficient motor with direct drive, the full metal body construction, the high precision metal gears and the metal control knobs, it guarantees high performances with large quantities of food. Moreover it stable, quiet, durable and dishwasher safe and it features extremely robust accessories that are easy to use in every occasion. Available in empire red, white and silver metallic, it is characterized by a 6.9L stainless steel and smooth rounded bowl.


White  -  5KSM7590CWH


Smooth, rounded bowl - lift professional design.

Ideal for heavy loads / use and easy to clean.

High efficiency motor with direct drive

Quiet and powerful.

6.9 L stainless steel bowl

Easily handles very large quantities of food.

Full metal body construction, high precision metal gears and metal control knobs.

Stable, quiet and durable.

Extremely robust standard accessories.

Durable and dishwasher safe.

Professional style attachment power hub.

Fits all current KitchenAid attachments and future larger capacity commercial style attachments.



500 W
Motor Type
DC (Direct current) with Direct Drive
220 - 240 V
50 / 60 Hz
Revolutions Per Minute (Speed 1 to 10)
40 to 200 RPM
Bowl Capacity
6.9 L


Material Body
Die - cast zinc
Speed Control Type

Dimensions & Weight

Height (in)
Width (in)
11 7/16
Depth (in)
15 3/8
Weight (kg)
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NT$ 45,888.00

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